Ark Volume 6 Chapter 9

Ark Volume 6 is finished!!

Read the final chapter here.

10 thoughts on “Ark Volume 6 Chapter 9

  1. mat

    dude, i can not say thank you enough times, you cant imagine how me and other leechers are grateful to you for this. i even emotionally moved when i saw new volume 7 setup.
    god bless you my friend.


  2. Dumac

    Thanks a lot man, translating at such awesome speed to deliver, and you have like only 18 Volumes left ;D


  3. p4lad1n2000

    First of all, i’d like to say that i am amazed. In the first place, I did not have much expectations on the quality of the translations. But I am glad you have proven me wrong, good sir or good machine? Afterall, I find it amazing that you are able to perform such a quick deliveries consistently for the past month.

    Kudos to you again rainbow turtle.



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