Ark Volume 7 Chapter 6

Ark volume 7 chapter 6 is released. Read it here.

11 thoughts on “Ark Volume 7 Chapter 6

  1. Henry

    Your speed amazes me. Thank you very much for your work. Love the story and can hardly wait for the next one. 🙂


  2. Mirado

    Thx for the chapter and all the work until now. Your speed and quality is awesome. Since I’m not able to read Korean I can’t say anything about the accuracy, but honestly, I don’t care. The thing I have before me is simply great!
    I hope you will always find the motivation to keep up this work.
    MfG Mirado


  3. Krys

    Thanks for everything Turtle! For people who just wants a brief spolier for what happens later I posted somethings on pastebin. My slight contribution. Feel free to delete this comment turtle if you don’t want this here.


  4. casper

    hello guys, do you know some translation tools that can be used in a tablet? I tried the op technique of the great demigod turtle(memsource and lingoes) but unfortunately I cannot use my computer as of now as it was corrupted.. so if you know something could you pls share it to me pls???


  5. Anan

    You Rock TURTLE!!!!! Can’t wait for more and more!!! thx to your hard work we all can enjoy Ark, and hopefully also Ark the Legendary as well LoL



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