Ark Volume 8 Chapter 1

Hi everybody,

First chapter of Volume 8 is released. You can read it here.


P.S. With the cavalry troops, they’re either Holy Knights or Holy Paladins. I first used Holy Paladin because since Holy Knight was a hidden profession, I thought there could only be one. However, some of the sentences translates as Holy Knight. So would you prefer that I keep it as Holy Paladin or change it to Holy Knight?

Update: Don’t worry. Translating chapter 2 cleared up my confusion. So I’ll let you know my final decision when I post that chapter.

21 thoughts on “Ark Volume 8 Chapter 1

  1. kazeboy

    Hey , well you are the one doing the work so whicever you chose just keep it consistent. By the way as I read your work , it’s getting better and easier to read so wanted to say thanks.

    PS: a small request, can you mention in which chapter the war with allen ends so I can start reading when that is done , can’t tolerate reading 1 chapter when I know there’s gonna be lots of betrayal 😛 . just a request though 🙂


  2. TheFrostDude

    Thanks for the first chapter of the new volume!
    Lovin’ your hard work in bring us this awesome novel of VRMMORPG! 😄


    1. That one bruh

      This kind of promotion is wrong, I know Shinka needs help but, sorry if I sound offensive, this is just wrong in many levels.



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