Ark Volume 8 Chapter 2


Volume 8 chapter 2 is released. Read it here.

In regards to Holy Knight or Holy Paladin, I will keep my translations in the previous chapters. But from this chapter onwards I will refer to them as Holy Knights based on what happened in the chapter.

49 thoughts on “Ark Volume 8 Chapter 2

    1. kaiser

      I doubt ark would be like that. I’m suspecting he’ll have a lot more mechanisms because of the raccoons and probably gonna ask the tree for help


      1. Ezui

        Actually japtem still has the chapter names up to volume 10.
        Check them if u really want to have an idea whats to come!


  1. uz3r013

    i doubt Ark will keep the castle longer than a week. You dont see “Profit” from holding a castle until you have held it for a month. That is too big a risk for Ark who needs a lot of money each month. Not to mention he cant level grind very well while holding the castle. I bet that Ark sells the castle to the Grey Wings either for a large sum of gold or an alliance for a percentage of the profits. Given his recent betrayal, I bet he sells it for a large lump sum.

    The result, The data will look like Ark is a loser who couldn’t hold the castle for more than a few days and will continue to be not considered.

    Besides… keeping the castle would only be boring to the story. This is a story about Ark exploring the world, unless the author does a summary or montage type thing, could you imagine a “month” worth of chapters defending a stupid castle.


    1. Aryanam

      I guess you have not been spoiled. I will spoil you a bit and say you are correct about majority of what you said but a certain detail in there is wrong. I am not spoiled about what how the company evaluates Ark yet so I don’t know about that part.


  2. Ars Roccii

    Thanks for the chapter Turtle, I translate Ark for Brazilian Portuguese and understand a little, the difficulty of translating a foreign language. Although in your case is more difficult Korean> English while I translate English> Portuguese.

    And sorry for my bad English.


  3. Ars Roccii

    “While Ark was thinking, the last member of Dark Blade collapsed.”

    The right would not be:

    “While Ark was thinking, the last member of Dawn Blade collapsed.”


    1. SleepyZ

      “Please head on over to and support them, especially if you want more accurate and grammatically correct translations. Also please don’t contact me about my grammar or spelling as these are just meant to be quick translations”


      1. Ars Roccii

        Two letters. I talked about a word that had no meaning in the text. And this word in specific was a common mistake. If he wished me a translation 100% correct I would not be here. For me that English is not my native language I’m not even allowed to complain about it. Seriously, give me a reminder just because I pointed to two letters:
        Dark> Dawn
        By the way, thanks for your translation Turtle and I’m sorry for my bad English.


  4. kazeboy

    Lol I dropped to say thanks and go ravish the chapter like a shark but reading the comments guess I’ll wait till this volume is finished , Thanks Turtle-Sensei 🙂


      1. blackandredturtle Post author

        I think it’s more like they don’t want to read through 2,500 emails. And there’s no point in keeping the emails if they’re not going to read them since it would take up space so the emails just get automatically deleted.


      2. GuiltySquad

        They couldn’t even manage 2500 emails(~1mb/mail) / month. Exos you need better server…

        Though I might not remember correctly It says that All the 2500 reports are printed. and the reports of those who are disqualified are immediately shredded automatically…

        Exos is rolling on cash and they don’t care about environment, to waste that much paper…


      3. blackandredturtle Post author

        No once the candidates go on the automatically deleted list then their reports aren’t printed anymore and are just deleted. Thats why whoever hired those thugs to find Ark’s real name couldn’t find it until that employee became interested in Ark and printed his report then shredded it after he was done.


      4. GuiltySquad

        Oh yeah, i forgot about that part..
        I think I should start reading Ark from the volume 1 again… I’ll start from vol1 after chapter 3 is posted.

        Turtle please add a recent comment widget on you side bar..


  5. casper

    ah! withdrawal symptoms starts to reappear again. hahaha… I wish that the next chapter will be out in the next 24 hours…anyways thanks for the translation, please don’t strain yourself too much, and keep up the good work


  6. GuiltySquad

    Time to start refreshing for chapter 3…


      1. kattman009

        This is gonna be a bit dramatic but what the hell…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!•!!!!!!!!


      1. Merong

        Do you mind if I would ask about your timezone?? I actually thought it is morning in your place now, I am basing this on the time posted on the comment… 😀


      2. Merong

        I see… the time zone in this site is, I believe, UTC(+0?)…
        I though you changed it to match your current time zone…


  7. dhapli

    I will be sitting here waiting for you to first finish your dinner and then chapter and then post it.



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