Ark Volume 8 Chapter 3

Ark Volume 8 chapter 3 is finished. You can read it here.

29 thoughts on “Ark Volume 8 Chapter 3

  1. tasear

    …I only left for moment to edit my baka tsuki page then proof the mighty turtle has given me something better than weed.



  2. Foris

    Thank you for the chapter.
    I have a question. The battle for the castle takes place every week, but the week in the game or a week real-time (three weeks of the game)?


      1. braiamp

        Err… there’s a raid each one week in game. You get a “salary” once a month in the game, which means that you have to ward off 4-5 raids before you see a cent.


      2. blackandredturtle Post author

        That’s what I thought but the current chapter I’m translating specifically says a week in reality. I’m going to have to check the previous chapters.


      3. Merong

        It was said that the castle lord or Ark need to defend the castle at least once before they could get the salary. That’s why I believe it was a week in reality.


      4. blackandredturtle Post author

        Yeh based on current chapter its one week in reality. Which makes sense because if it is one week in the game then they would have to stay awake for 24 hours every three days or something.


    1. Grr

      NOTE: Yen Press have licensed this novel series and will be releasing an English version, please support the author by buying the official copy. Further fan translations will cease.

      Sky did, now not anymore.

      Buy them when they are realesed ^^.
      Or search yourself~
      It’s a good one. Sadly, to slice of life for me. And harem…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. casper

        I’m willing to buy, but is there any official ebook to be released as well? I don’t think yen press will be shipping their goods here in the Philippines


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