Ark Volume 8 Chapter 6

Ark volume 8 chapter 6 is released. Read it here.

P.S. Just to let you know that the titles I put on the table of contents are just temporary translations that I do at the start of every volume. Once I translate the chapter then I might keep the title or change it.

17 thoughts on “Ark Volume 8 Chapter 6

  1. GreenStorm

    Damn Turtle, you couldn’t have picked a better time!

    Slow work day, gonna start reading this as soon as I post this comment.

    P.S: Thanks for removing the infinite scrolling 🙂


  2. lirg123

    I noticed that title change, if its to avoid spoiler then its best to word it as small as possible. For example, the chapter 5 it change from Alan carvery to Alan death. If its to avoid spoilers alan wpild service.


  3. GuiltySquad

    Hello turtle, I noticed the title change and they seems quite fitting…
    But the titles on Ark ToC page on Japtem are the original ones the author made right?

    I’m asking this so that, I can put the original titles on links on Baka-Tsuki’s Ark page.


      1. GuiltySquad

        That’s true…
        Killer-Blade Army VS Alan –> Alan Stabbed to Death
        There wasn’t much resistance from Alan anyway. So the new title is pretty much right.


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