Ark Volume 9 Chapter 1

This chapter was quite hard to translate but volume 9 chapter 1 is released. Read it here.

21 thoughts on “Ark Volume 9 Chapter 1

      1. Life

        Funny, someone told me about it in the manga website I read in! I’ve made so many posts there that I have daily subscribers. Too bad I’m into light novels now.


      2. Life

        I think that’s on the list, but if it isn’t, I probably dropped it. Weird, I know, but I wasn’t enjoying it much anymore.


      1. Life

        Well, I always grant those who feed me one wish. I count “No firsts on Ark” as your wish! No refunds or trades 😛


  1. tesslerb

    Thanks for all the work you put in and I am sure I can speak for the community we appreciate everything you do for both you and us!


  2. Daiyin

    Mind if i ask how you translate a machine translation? lol i tried but it only give me a headache 😛 that not all i can only understand 50% of what i read even after the trouble… sometime none at all lol.



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