22 thoughts on “Ark Volume 9 Chapter 7

  1. molnet

    Soo. Here I was, convinced that there would be no more chapters today, but when accidentally opening this site I was like… “Heeeey…. That wasn’t there before O.o”

    So, thanks xD :3


  2. Rimon

    you got that absolutely right on the mark. I never evr dreamed of it. Thanks bro for this awesome surprise🙂


  3. VanZans

    I just marathonered this story up until this point and you sir are awesome for all the work you do.


  4. Hello, thanks for your continued effort

    Just want to say, you’re my favorite turtle. Your effort is greatly appreciated. The author is amazing and your translation, even if it may be flawed and not a perfect translation, has brought this foreign piece to me in a form I can read. The entertainment from reading this is greatly appreciated. I’m sure there are many who hide I’m the background reading this who feel the same as I do. Thanks.



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