Ark Volume 10 chapter 9

I was not expecting to finish this chapter today but it was quicker to translate than I thought. So here is the second chapter for the day and the end of volume 10! You can read it here.


21 thoughts on “Ark Volume 10 chapter 9

    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      No it takes to long to do atm and the formatting gets screwed up evertime I open it to format so then I have to fix it which takes ages. Also extra amounts of chapters to edit which I am still doing.


      1. GuiltySquad

        What program do you use. Is it word?
        I recommend to use win live writer 2012, it free, simple, can make simple tables, supports your blog themes preview so formatting should be fairly easy.
        It can also edit already published posts and pages.


  1. cathdeary

    Thanks for double release. *^▁^* I wonder what the pig guy have in store, i hope Ark is wiser this time. Or is he gonna be tricked last minute?



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