Ark Volume 11 chapter 5

Sorry, this would’ve been out a lot sooner but I got distracted catching up with Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations. But here is volume 11 chapter 5.

22 thoughts on “Ark Volume 11 chapter 5

  1. Genosis

    Whew, why apologize, the fact that you are giving one chapter everyday or two is pretty amazing already


  2. p4lad1n2000

    No worries turtle, I’d say RWX release speed is abnormal. You should take a rest every now and then too 😛


    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      I actually am resting in the mornings and some of the afternoon. The chapter only took me 2 hours to finish so I meant to have it out like 6/7 hours ago. I just got really distracted.


      1. Faust Voncleave

        No on can blame you. Told my college teacher that I couldn’t do the winter project because of a light novel. He asked “which one” and I told him “moonlight sculptor”, He gave me 2 extra days to do the project o_o. Light novel addiction is a legitimate excuse.

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  3. Chaos

    Oh I heard those if they are as good as I hear theres no way I can fault you for that, I was planing on reading as well once I’m uptodate on Douluo Dalu


  4. Fantasyks

    We all got stuck on coiling dragon every now and then.
    I just can’t stop F5ing between the 2 sites!
    Thanks for your fast release. (Ren is just insane!)


  5. Nekomarko

    Where did you read those? I have heard of Stellar Transformations but I haven’t seen it yet since I don’t know where to read it…


    1. yulon

      google it.
      i don’t understand why people ask where to read stuff. I mean googling would take you at most a minute or so.
      any if your having that hard of a time you can read it at

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      1. saima123x

        Well, i dont really decide the release speed. For example i’m doing C34 of ST now and we only got 31 out. Can’t release even if i want.


    1. wes174

      so it needs to go through a very lengthy translation check favoring a small amount of the story ever being translated in quality instead of the whole story being eventually translated with just a little less quality.

      hmmmmm, where have i seen that before?



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