Ark volume 13 chapter 9

Ark volume 13 is completed. Read chapter 9 here.

18 thoughts on “Ark volume 13 chapter 9

  1. akash

    Mr. Turtle is it possible to have a chat box like they have in clickyclicktranslation for LMS .If so it would be really nice as we addicts will have something to do while the great turtle is translating at speed of light xD


    1. craterib

      When I gave my user id the WordPress site login page came up. I logged in and it took me to some other page where I could not find my comment. So I thought it was not posted.

      I am also not sure as to how I can delete the comments. Is it possible from the desktop view? I am currently using the mobile site.


      1. Bystander

        Don’t worry about it 🙂 Actually I almost made the same mistake but in a different manner.
        Sorry if I offended you or anything. I was curious and I had nothing to do so I asked. Anyways the first time I commented was during volume 13 chap 8 I think or was it in another website. Well, it was not that far off. Just so you know that does not mean you’re more thankful than me 😉


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