Ark volume 14 chapter 9

Ark volume 14 is completed. Read chapter 9 here.

5 thoughts on “Ark volume 14 chapter 9

  1. Prestige Worldwide

    Hey turtle, I am not sure if I would be up to par but I can try to help in editing a few chapters a week. English is my only language, unfortunately. I read a ton of light novels(and systranet machine translations because I am impatient, just finished all of Zhan Long last week! And stumbled thru Ark Bing translations volume 16 today waiting for the stats on the new pill) Anyways, I would be glad to help any amount that I can Monday-Friday American central time. My email is if you still need help and want to test me out.
    Ps. Thank you for all your work.
    Pss. On A less serious note; Where did Life go?…. I miss him. Ryu has replaced him… Hmmm, they can’t be the same person… Right??!! Sorry, got a little conspiracy theoryish there.



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