Ark volume 16 chapter 9

The final chapter of volume 16 is released. Read it here.

I’m also not going to including chapter titles in the TOC anymore until the chapter is released because it is starting to include some spoilers that people might not want to know about.

7 thoughts on “Ark volume 16 chapter 9

  1. Bull

    Thanks for the translation! 😀

    Question though, is the below part translated correct, no clue about korean but it sound wrong.

    “There was also the assassin Shambala who
    had his profession quest ‘New Killer’ to change professions to ‘God
    Killer’ interrupted.”

    wasn’t his profession “saint assassin”, so is his new proff “god assassin”?
    though considering western / eastern definition of god, is it “Deity Assassin”?


  2. Hyou

    Thanks! This is head and shoulders above any of the machine translations I’ve previously encountered. Keep up the good work!



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