Ark volume 19 chapter 2

Ark volume 19 chapter 2 is released. Read it here.

5 thoughts on “Ark volume 19 chapter 2

  1. ShieldBasher

    Ark shouted as he rode on Radun and pointed to Nagaran. At the same time, the 1,000 troops from Bristania under the command of Redian and the 2,000 troops under Redian’s command all departed towards Seutandal. Ark’s expedition to reclaim Silvana had begun!

    They cant be both redian?


  2. ShieldBasher

    Kuronil found it troublesome to explain so he just sent the man to the cave. And he deleted the man from her memory. He didn’t think the man was worth worrying about. But the man he deleted from his memory had returned again.

    Kuronil became female ?



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