Ark the Legend volume 8 chapter 4

Hey guys, I was tempted to leave you to suffer at 90% but volume 8 chapter 4 is now released. You can read it here.

6 thoughts on “Ark the Legend volume 8 chapter 4

  1. Foris

    I can not get through Ark Volume 16, Chapter 5, this arc is just too boring. Could someone tell me summarize chapters 5-8?


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  3. jalbrandao12

    A hundred sheep shall be sacrificed in honor of our Holy Turtle God. I must confess to our God that i haven’t kept on reading His translations since the start of the Ark the legend arc, it bored me to death with the week plot, and poor logic. As Such I would like to apologize for not being faithful, and at the same time make a request. Maybe, once thy grace is done with Ark, it would be possible to help translating LMS? The new machine translators out there have been doing a good job, but they have a very furious, demanding, eager for fast release crowd. So they are being pushed to fast release of low Acc chapters. In such dire times they surely need the guidance of our highly experienced god, as well as his unprecedented leadership. Such is your humble’s servant wish. All Hail The Fast Rainbow Turtle, First And Greatest MT God. Amen.



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