News + New Series

Hey everybody,

So I have some bad news and good news. I’ll start with the bad news first.

Basically I’m travelling overseas for a month from end of December to end of January. Which is good for me but bad news for you since it means no translations for a month. However, I don’t want to leave you guys hanging for one month with nothing to read so I’ve been preparing a surprise for you. And that surprise is….

I’m going to be picking up Legendary Moonlight Sculptor!!

I’ve been thinking about this for the last month or so and finally decided to pick it up because I caught up with the translated chapters and wanted to read ahead. I want to post it because I don’t feel right keeping the translated chapters to myself since it is taking time away from translating other things. I’ve asked both Clicky Click and LMSmachinetranslations and they’ve given their permission to do so.

I’ve already translated 5 chapters of vol 28 and will start posting it once volume 27 chapter 9 is released which should be a week. Once chapter 9 is up, I will start posting one chapter a day. During that time, I won’t be posting anything else like Ark in order to build up some stockpiled chapters.

During the month before I go on holiday, I will be translating a lot but I won’t post it all up at once to build up stockpiled chapters of Ark and LMS. Once I see how many chapters I have, I will develop a schedule for chapters to be posted over the month I’m away.

When I get back from holidays, my schedule will be alternating chapters of Ark and LMS. So chapters should hopefully be released ever 2nd day. I am aiming to catch up to volume 46 within a year.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

Rainbow Turtle.

130 thoughts on “News + New Series

  1. 4naly5er

    I’ve been a regular reader of ark since volume 4 of the original and have been reading lms since volume 8. Your translations have been consistent and well formatted. Since ark has a much quicker pace lms ( which may probably never end..) could you please take into consideration the idea of translating ark till the current volume and then proceeding with lms.
    Also i would like to recommend that you translate one volume of ark the one volume of lms instead of alternating between them in between the volume.
    Please make a blog post about how you manage your time. As a uni student I’d really like to know how much time goes into the process…
    This is my first post so thank you for the translations and sorry for the long comment..


  2. kenken

    OMG ALL HAIL Rainbow Turtle !!! No offense or anything but I was hoping there will be someone who would pick up LMS with a lil bit of a much faster translating speed because its has like 45 volume in total. If the speed is too slow it would had take years for the translations to to completed, but if the speed is much faster it will reduce the time taken for the translations to be fully completely. And I would love to finish reading LMS, it is such an awesome novel. Thanks very much for picking LMS up.


  3. Bulchwik

    Wew hello there master Turtle. 🙂

    I wish you could release LMS the whole volume 28 today.

    Greedy greedy greedy. 😀 😀 😀


  4. Fr1c3R1c3

    Turtle-sama, if you please add in the dialog who are saying what. It’s sometime confusing to read and not know how says what.

    Looking forward for your LMS translation work.



  5. Illuminati

    Wow this is really awesome ark and Lms together in one site thank you turtle. This is a early Christmas gift.


  6. matricha113

    my god, LMS is finally here, i am shocked to my core, thank you so much Turtle, your awesomeness just rose a level higher…. i never thought it would be possible to get LMS here.. LMS is my most fav novel ever, but due to all the black clouds over it for the past year or so, i stopped reaiding it…. thank you millions times… you are an awesome Turtle…
    i also stopped reading Ark the Legend, but i come here almost everyday just get more clicks for your page… i dunno how else to express my joice and gratitude…
    LMS finally saw a day of light.. god bless you and hope that you can finish translating it… you are awesome…


  7. kingcrimson505

    HAIL TURTLE!!! ^(^.^)^ Damn you are a god! I love you so much I had to sign up and express my thanks. You have entered the realm of the great overlords!



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