LMS Volume 28 Chapter 2

Hi everyone!!

LMS volume 28 chapter 2 is released. You can read it here.

Btw, since the new wordpress update I’ve had to manually allow comments on new pages and I always forget. So if you can’t comment on a page then please let me know.

29 thoughts on “LMS Volume 28 Chapter 2

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  2. Lee Hyun

    Hi Turtle-sama, I dream about meet you last night when i travel to australia :p

    But in my dream you’re a girl, LoL


      1. Lee Hyun

        What? Then i hope i really met you when i go to australia :p

        From now on, Turtle-hime! 😀


  3. Mr Abbot

    Dear Turtle,

    My sincerest gratitude for you have decided to pick this up, LMS was ma first serious read for light novel, and has been my most celebrated LN until the emergence of Overlord has eclipsed the former novel.

    Be that as it may, i wish to offer you my appreciation for your work, speed and reliability i believe are your forte.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. urube

    I dont usually comment anywhere but i was so happy when one of my fren told me that u guyz r gonna keep on translating LMS. Im really new in LMS its only been few minths since i started reading but i hav skipped so many sleeping times just to read LMS. Thank you alot, idk about others but this means really so much to me.


    1. Sin easter

      I found out that you are no Mr. but Mrs.I apologize for the mistake. And I also found out that you don’t want a chat because of the leechers who bother you with updates about the next release and I respect your choice. The least thing I want is an annoyed translator.
      I wish you the best of luck and plenty of time.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Midnight

    Translator-sama, just want to say I love you, thank you for this wonderful chapter !!!!
    I’m really grateful!
    If ever pass through Brazil, call me? lol I love you.

    PS: Give me a spoiler, as this situation ends Weed with Hermes to liança and the Alliance Black Lion.


  6. Sir Mix a Lot

    Sir where exactly do u live? and at exactly what hours are u in home? I need to lick ur body all over you beautiful sob



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