LMS Volume 28 Chapter 3

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor volume 28 chapter 3 has been released. You can read it here.

26 thoughts on “LMS Volume 28 Chapter 3

    1. maplekaiser

      lol. You should appreciate that there is at least a chapter. Before it was like once a week and now you are complaining about how short it is. Man what and ungrateful bastard.


      1. oO

        Seemed to me more like he was just commenting on the length of the chapter. The last few LMS chapters have been rather long and this one is quite short in comparison.


      2. mortypk

        complain??? can you explain how you get this idea? so next time i will try to give some little explanation for you. i ask just bcoz its feel short.


    2. maplekaiser

      lol nvm mortypk. Sry about that. I had misunderstood what u had said. It was just cause some haters in god and devil world and in wuxiaworld there is this guy name Mr.Void who bitches about everything in story. 🙂


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  2. bluemoons

    ugh Weed pleaseeee just beat his ass already. you can negotiate payment for protecting the mine with the black lion guild later.


  3. Midnight

    Translator-sama, just want to say I love you, thank you for this wonderful chapter !!!!
    I’m really grateful!
    If ever pass through Brazil, call me? lol I love you.

    PS: Give me a spoiler, as this situation ends Weed with Hermes to liança and the Alliance Black Lion.


  4. Reddeath147

    Thanks for the chapters I was afraid they would never get translated until I found out about this site and clickyclickytranslations.
    And yes I know there was another site but I forgot it’s name… Thanks to them too.



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