LMS Volume 28 Chapter 8

LMS volume 28 chapter 8 is released. You can read it here.

23 thoughts on “LMS Volume 28 Chapter 8

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    1. Phil1403

      Of course he is greedy, but he is also capable to make the difference between his love and his business, like he did with Seoyoon’s father, refusing the bribe… 😉

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  2. TeddyJ

    So I’ve been wondering if the sculpture destruction was stackable because if it is it would be a good idea to put power into a second stat and overwhelm hermes guild since he has fame and art stat to spare.


      1. AsianOtakuGuy

        I thought it wasnt stackable? Something like once a day limit or something… Time to go text hunting…


      2. Phil1403

        Yep, missed to use that unread button and just went through all the unread message post 😉


  3. P

    Thanks for the Translation! Pitty it was a small chapter but am loving the speed at which you are translating this LN.




  4. matricha113

    I hope I get answer to it…

    is it possible to have a forum here for discussions? I know it might create an additional workload for you, but there always will be volunteers to help you out… I am sure it will significantly help with the click count.. LMS is way to awesome to be restricted to chapter comment area, it needs a place for discussion..


    1. StaticHD

      No need. If people want to discuss, they can go to other sites to discuss. I am sure the past translators have places were people can discuss in detail.

      Plus, this would have made sense if it were only a novel – but now it has a webtoon and people would rather discuss in detail some pictures, than some text. Plus, I dislike registering on every forum to discuss this series when there are bound to be different translators out there. I am sure RainbowTurtle won’t be the last translator working on this novel. And people’s forum posts may mistakenly spoil the story for everyone.

      Also, LMS has a wikia page where people can add info and discuss things that may seem confusing or interesting.

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    2. Phil1403

      Forum is coming on the wikia…
      But at the moment, we are busy with scripting the content of volume 28 in the LMS wikia
      8 chapters is a record.
      You will find more about it here

      if you have suggestion to make on the forum, please leave them here

      if you have any point you already want to discuss, just pick the page that suit you in the wikia and leave your comment there, we try to answer/:discuss on a daily base.

      And if you want to help, just create an account… you are welcome. 😉
      Take care




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