LMS Volume 28 Chapter 10

LMS volume 28 chapter 10 is released. Read it here.

16 thoughts on “LMS Volume 28 Chapter 10

  1. StaticHD

    lol, I was about to get ready to leave for a college course, but it seems my addiction for this novel won’t let me. Regardless, thanks for the update!


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  3. bluemoons

    thanks for the chapter. this is so awesome. i just read on the wiki that you guys intend to translate ALL THE WAY to vol 46. woohoo.

    oh btw just wondering is lms already over at vol 46 : (?


  4. Longas7492

    I’m looking forward week’s coronation ceremony. I wonder if it will be before or after finishing the sculpting master quest

    Thank for the chapter Turtle



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