1 Year Anniversary + Bonus Chapter

Hi guys,

Just realized that today is the 1 yr anniversary of when I posted my first translated chapter. Thank you to all the old and new viewers who have visited my site and appreciated what I’ve done.

Here are some bonus stats from my 1 year of translating:

Highest daily views: 85,810

Total number of views: 14,217,150

Top 3 countries: United States, Philippines, Indonesia

Number of Chapters translated: 291

Anyway, as appreciation for all my followers I have decided to release a bonus chapter of LMS.

You can read volume 29 chapter 2 here. 

Thanks, Rainbow Turtle

79 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary + Bonus Chapter

  1. basher515

    Congratulations! Can’t believe this is the LN that I’ve been reading ever since it was released on Japtem.. Thanks for your hard work and Mabuhay from the Philippines!


  2. Tanpa Nama

    Halo turtle ty for all this year.
    Love you since Ark translated sry for poor english
    Just can keep support you from shadow


  3. Yeah its me

    Happy anniversary! I consider myself blessed, to have found this site. Turtle you are truly awesome and thank you!


  4. Tanya Lluch

    Happy anniversary! Woah, I didn’t expect Philippines to be top 2 :)) I guess there are a lot of lurkers from my country lol

    Thank you for translating! Keep up the good work! 😍😘


  5. seoyeonxweed

    we filipinos really really love and appreciate you work ❤ .. please continue translating for all of us..

    thank you ❤ ~~!!


  6. Aljon Escarlan

    happy anniversary~! ❤ .. im checking this page like 10-15 times a day,hoping you release another(bonus) chapter lol ..

    i really love your work and please keep up the good work rainbow~sama. ❤

    love from PH ^_^ ❤



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