LMS Volume 29 Chapter 3

LMS volume 29 chapter 3 is released. Read it here. 

18 thoughts on “LMS Volume 29 Chapter 3

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  2. BQDJ

    I just donated and you should specify that it’s australian dollars haha. I wanted to give 10 USD but 10 AUD that’s not near enough my appreciation for all of your hard work. I hesitated to donate when you were translating Ark but now that you’re also translating LMS, I don’t have a choice ^^. I heart you, dear translator 😉

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    1. Sepphire143

      Sunova-nim! You’re still one of the best translators! I am very thankful to turtle-nim but chap 26-27 wouldn’t be there if not because of lmstranslations!
      Anyways, thank you very much to all of you.. turtle-nim, sunova, japtem, etc…. You are all wonderful!!! Thank u for giving us Weed!😍

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    2. wat

      I don’t think we’ve seen an offical credit page for those that participate in getting it out faster.
      I recommend adding one.


  3. Beloe

    Thanks so much for picking up this series, your translations are great and your ambitions even more so! Enjoy your rest when you take and have a safe season.



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