LMS Volume 29 Chapter 5

LMS volume 29 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here. 

15 thoughts on “LMS Volume 29 Chapter 5

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  2. Phil1403

    Hi Turtle,
    Translation issue
    About the Armors of the Spartoi.
    Are yo usure about the translation ? Could it not rather be something in the direction of: Those armors are made out of extremely strong body parts/scale of dragons ?
    Just asking.
    Because it felt weird to read that the spartoi themselves where made of extremely strong body parts of dragons… after reading about the shinning armors…
    Take care


    1. Hudschi

      hi, I guess this is some kind as in the ancient greek history, where the hero grows additional warriors made of dragon theet.


    2. blackandredturtle Post author

      Ah, I mistook your question. If you read my translator’s note for chapter 4, the Spartoi are grown from the body parts of dragons. In Greek legend, they were grown when a dragon’s tooth was planted in the ground.



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