LMS Volume 29 Chapter 6

LMS volume 29 chapter 6 is released. You can read it here. 

Just a quick note about comments. My current settings means I have to approve the first comment a person makes on my website. After that their comments will automatically show up. Therefore, if you are making a comment for the first time and it doesn’t show up then please wait until I approve it. Sometimes that is right away and other times it will take hours before I get to it because of sleep or work. So don’t spam your comments and wait at least 24 hours before trying again if it doesn’t show up.

13 thoughts on “LMS Volume 29 Chapter 6

    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      Nah I can change it. I just prefer it this way. Sometimes spam gets past and I can just delete it. Other times ppl post rude comments or spoilers as their first comment and I just don’t approve it.


  1. bladeer

    btw in a recent post you showed use some stat of the site , like wich country comme first , can you tell me how much connection/view you have from france ? im curious since im french 🙂 thanks for the answer and the chapter



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