LMS Volume 29 Chapter 7

LMS volume 29 chapter 7 is released. You can read it here. 

P.S. I’ve made some changes to the schedule because I’m extremely busy over the next few days.

Also, please don’t take my chapters and post them to another site. Linking to this site is fine but don’t just copy and paste my translations. That also includes putting up pdfs and epubs. I don’t mind people making them for their own personal use but I prefer they not be widely circulated and for people to actually visit my site to read the chapters.

22 thoughts on “LMS Volume 29 Chapter 7

  1. matricha113

    thank you awesome Turtle.

    fellow readers, please let’s follow some basic rules regarding sharing translated work. this is a blessing for us to have Turtle translating LMS.. we all know what LMS has gone through over past few years, let’s just be happy with reading chapters here..


  2. Francesco

    Thx u! i hope u will come back with daily chapter for LMS addicted 😀

    Damn stealers! you must be grateful to someone so kind to share her time for everyone else!
    If she stop translating, i won’t forgive you!


    1. eili

      first i disagree the fact someone steal their job
      BUT turtles didn’t share their time..they gain money..don’t be naive
      and the last, it’s internet, you can expect you share something and nobody else will copy/paste your job,

      don’t forget translating lms is prohibited, but we don’t care, we are leecher, we are legion


      1. Francesco

        i don’t think the money they get can repay their work, i’ve tried to translate, you have to spend really a lot of time.
        But, yes we are leecher ;DDD until we can’t buy it in our countries…


  3. LordAndrew

    Just take your time, you are a nice translator, but it is allways important to live the life, especially around hollidays


  4. Yohan

    You are a brilliant translator and we all appreciate the work u do. I will try point out to webmasters when I see your work being used anywhere but here. This is your intellectual property after all. Keep doing what you do and know we have your back.


    1. Biff

      Unless the original author gives them the okay, it IS NOT their intellectual property in any country.

      Though people not giving credit for the translation and posting willy-nilly is shitty. Especially when passing it off as their own. They put zero work in translating or editing the series, so they’re just just being lazy douches most likely trying to turn a small profit off the backs of others.


  5. Zkarf

    Gracias, Eres la mejor, Aquí en México te amamos :D. le dare miles de beses clic a los baners de web 😉


  6. SeanOgs

    Thanks for translating!

    Please, before you take your Holiday break can you finish Volume 29 first? Include Volume 30 too. Haha



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  8. Hi Awesome Translation Em...

    i ONCE LOVED you turtle
    This schedule makes you the same as the previous translators


  9. caiju

    lol, tell me who is linking your translations, i will give them shit on their website.

    i hate these people.



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