LMS Volume 30 Chapter 2

Hey guys, sorry for the wait, I woke up pretty sick today so I stayed in bed for a while then I remembered today was another release day, sorry for the wait, haha. Thanks for being patient and not spamming too much.

LMS Volume 30 Chapter 2 is out and you can read it here.

19 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 2

  1. StaticHD

    yeah, my sister got sick too. It seems what caused it was because she went out jogging outside (while it was cold) and she started sneezing and feeling uneasy. Al you have to do is keep yourself warm, drink some tea (or some warm water) and you should be fine after a bath and a good night’s sleep.

    Thanks for not forgetting the amazing update. You’ve done us proud!


  2. kimsunova Post author

    Hey guys, classes have once again started for me so the release time, until Turtle resumes her posting, will be later in the day from now on, depending on when classes end and when I can arrive home to post. Thanks~, I hope this won’t effect to much of you readers!


    1. Frank

      Do not worry, just keep translating! I really thank you, i will be dead before the first chapter published in my country ahahahah ^^


    2. serecola

      was waiting and if i didnt read this, i wouldve been waiting the whole day lol. thanks for the heads up ๐Ÿ˜‰



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