LMS Volume 30 Chapter 4

LMS Volume 30 Chapter 4 is out here

Friendly Reminder: Do Not Post next chapters on the site, there is a reason why they have not been released yet, please respect Turtle’s work and management, do not just release the new chapters in the comments from now on please.

22 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 4

  1. lwdy

    Thanks for the chapter! I think you should lessen your load maybe, I mean you’re releasing a lot more than the other guys who translated LMS


    1. oO

      What purpose is there in you posting an early link to a chapter? It only results in the chapters being removed; nobody will be able to read those chapters you’re trying to link. Also, it only pisses off Turtle, which pisses the rest of us off.

      The only reason I can think of for you doing this is you trying to be a smartass/dick. I hope you just ended up shooting yourself in the foot and the chapters were removed before you got to read them all.


  2. Dark Strife

    Thx for the chapter.

    BTW, how the progress another chapter?

    I didn’t see another progress after chapter 8.


    1. serecola

      since its only been updated since 25/12/2015.

      they may have done a few chapters already and just didn’t update the progress bar


      1. Dark Strife

        It’s not updated since 25/12/2015, that means there are no progress, right?

        After all, New chapter still Updated.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. serecola

        there’s probably progress (im not sure though dont quote me on that), since Jan 30 is Ark V12 S4 when the progress bar is still at S3. Also, it says ‘ Note: Chapters won’t be linked on the sidebar while I’m away. ‘ and that probably includes the progress bar.


      3. nelummea

        Clam down your tits, guys… Turtle was on a holiday vacation .-. and the sidebar won’t update properly until she comes back. Sunova’s the one taking care of the chapter updates, but he has school, so wait patiently ^-^


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