LMS volume 30 chapter 5 & ATL volume 12 chapter 2

Hey guys, Rainbow Turtle here.

Don’t be too excited because I’m only temporarily back. The official date of my return is the 2nd February. I wanted to make this update post instead of Sunova because I have a few things to say.

So first of all, the Ark the Legend chapter was delayed due to several reasons and it is close to midnight here so I decided to post it with the LMS chapter.

Ark the Legend Volume 12 Chapter 2

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 30 Chapter 5

Now for what I wanted to say. First of all, I have a scheduled date but not a scheduled time!! Previously I posted the chapters early around midnight because that time suited me and I have a stockpile of chapters ready. It seems like this has made some readers feel entitled to having the release at a certain time. To be particular, I’m talking about the first chapter where Sunova posted in his time zone instead of mine. I came home from a 9 hour tiring shift in retail at the Christmas period only to be bombarded with a mass of comments and emails asking for the chapter. Some of them rude, some not. It really  worsened my already bad mood. The only reason I didn’t make a post about this at the time was because I made a mistake with the update and people didn’t realize Sunova was posting the chapter. However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that some readers were demanding the chapter even when it was still early on the scheduled day. Then I’m seeing Sunova apologizing for chapter delays despite the fact that it was still on the scheduled day and that really frustrates me.

Therefore there will be some changes that will apply once I officially come back.

  • First of all, I’m going to try to release LMS one day and ATL the next. However, I won’t have a stockpile of chapters anymore so these updates will depend on when I finish the chapter.  Posting times will become more irregular.
  • Any delays that result in the chapter not being released on the scheduled day will be updated on the sidebar.
  • If I get a lot of comments asking for the chapter or any particularly rude ones when it is still the scheduled day then I will probably end up delaying the chapter for a bit. It might be by 1 hour or I might post the chapter at 11.59 pm on the scheduled day. I didn’t want to do this but I feel like it is necessary to gain control over the comments and to stop being annoyed by this matter.
  • Additionally, I want to remind you again to be nice in comments. While I was away, there were some rude comments and name calling so I’m going to delete those comments. If those people continue then they will be stopped from commenting on this site.

Thanks for reading something this long. Rainbow Turtle.

154 thoughts on “LMS volume 30 chapter 5 & ATL volume 12 chapter 2

  1. mikymik

    I have been refreshing till this morning and i haven’t written anything regarding the chp 6 to come out.so should u.keep on refreshing and don’t urge Sunova or Turtle.we shouldn’t bother them.when the chap will be out,let it be.DON’T WRITE ANYTHING THAT MAY LEAD TO THIS SAME POST ABOUT PEOPLE HARRASSING FOR NEW CHP:BE A GOOD LEECHER AND KEEP REFRESHING :))


      1. Mikymik96

        Leecher is refered to everybody, me as well.I didn’ t meant to offend u sorry.just don’t wanna urge turtle or sunova.it can be exhausting for them reading comments regarding the chps ‘ coming out


  2. Cuan

    rainbow turtle you are the best! Your translations Are amazing, said haters only hate cuz they suck, if they keep hating feel free to delay posting for a few days. (This is my first post here :D, I really appreciate the hard work of the translators on this site)


  3. Cuan

    Out of curiosity which date line are you guys in, the description of posting around midnight is kinda meaningless to me cuz I live in Australia (GMT +10) and Am in Rome right now (GMT +idk)


  4. Don K I

    Turtle and Sunova,

    Just another reader and fan saying thanks 🙂 I hope the trolls don’t get you down too much, I do believe the majority of us readers mean well, its just unfortunate that some feel the need to attention seek.

    You guys do an amazing job, honestly you make peoples’ day! So again thanks, I for one will continue respecting the fact you both have lives to live in the real world and cannot always cater to our needs 😉

    Peace (Y)

    A fan


  5. Matthew Mather

    i cant believe the nerve of some people… you are doing us a favor yet they dare to feel entitled to your efforts? i know you have a donations section but if any at all the donations you receive are from a very small portion of the readership, the’re lucky you don’t decide to pack up and quit after their bitchy entitlefest, which would be sad but understandable considering you and sunova have a retarded translation speed compared to other groups that have taken this project (and great quality too, i dont mind minor grammar issues long as i understand what is trying to be said)


  6. Red

    Can’t believe people would be rude about this when you’re doing such great work and letting us read these when you don’t have to. Please ignore them and keep it up! I don’t mind having to wait and understand rl always comes first


  7. good guy

    Hey you guys, still remember before turtle pick up LMS? How long was it for a chap to be released again? You guys want to go back to that time? Man, be mature and stol being a b****.
    Anyways, i am very x100 delighted for having LMS translated by turtle,so please dont mind the minorities and feel free to block their comments. Tbh there are some blog that update per chap per 1/2 or even more so your current speed is already god-like. Yes,you should be stricter,because you have the right to.
    Yeah,thats it.



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