LMS Volume 30 Chapter 6

LMS Volume 30 Chapter 6 is here.

20 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 6

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  2. Tuia

    Thank you for the chapter.
    Started to read a few weaks ago, and found this webpage last weak.
    This is one of many i am waiting dayli to come up.
    Really happy to be able to find such good work.
    Thank you for translating, i know is not easy, even if it is your normal language, i am from brazil, even if i know a bit of english is soo hard for me to do it, that is why i am relly thankfull of your work.
    Thank you again =D


  3. CuriĆ³

    In Brazillian = Muito obrigado pela traduĆ§Ć£o, espero que continuem com o excelente trabalho. Morri de ver a desculpa do Weed para se afastar e depois da atitude da Seon comprando a casa do lado.


  4. Thorny flower

    Thanks translators for the amazing work you are doing. Both speed and quality are excellent!
    I have read both ark and LMS, but not ATL yet.
    Are there any other novels i should read? I read LLS and re:moster aswell (LLS is great)
    LMS Is of course the best one i read so far :p



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