LMS Volume 30 Chapter 7

Lms Volume 30 Chapter 7 is here

27 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 7

    1. StaticHD

      Why are you spoiling? Does Weed kill trolls in this chapter?
      I wonder how the webtoon adaptation will illuminate how a troll will look like.


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    1. oO

      Da’in is the enemy. A seductress sent in to tempt Weed into lust by the evil Hermes Guild. There is only one for our King Weed, and that is his wife, Queen Seoyoon.


      1. HaiPhong

        Dain has been moved by Weed. Even though she is a Hermes founder, she is going to make Kallamore prosperous through the method of weed, low taxes, art etc ( of course that’s what she thinks because Weed is only going for profit whahaha ). And speaking about queen I hope there will be more then 1 😂


      2. Midnight

        The kingdom becomes her so prosperous as the Weed? I do not want this, I want Morota always be the pinnacle, like the best city, Weed for emperor.


      3. HaiPhong

        She is only using the same methods, doesn’t mean that success will come 🙂
        I also think that when the time comes and she has to choose between Hermes and Weed, guess what, she will use Kallamore the kingdom of knights to support her love the one she met in those dungeon caves. That would be nice, Weed’s haremonojutsu 😊


  2. Kjubaran

    Thank you. I would like to thank you again in the name of all other people who really lurking for new chapter, but still doesnt write comment to thank you, since they dont have time or energy..



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