LMS Volume 30 Chapter 9

LMS Volume 30 Chapter 9 is here

This actually is my bad, sorry I was just going to bed when I checked my phone and saw a bunch of texts asking for the chapter from my RL friends. Well sorry for this one’s lateness. Good news is Turtle is closer to finishing her break. πŸ˜›

22 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 9

  1. Anonya

    I can’t believe this guys asking for a chapter. They could not wait despite turtle’s warning. The people these days so impatient.


    1. oO

      Yeah, but that still doesn’t mean we haven’t been mashing f5 since 12:00AM GMT+11 with greater dedication than Weed trying to reach a copper he dropped off a mountain side.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Anonya

    Guys in respect to turtles and kimsunova’s work, don’t ever ask for chapters and wait patiently. I have seen much of asking for chapters and in the end the TL quit. Please respect there time and schedule.


    1. Tigger

      But, but… but what if, in the absence of pleas for chapters, they get lonely…

      No one would want that… /s


  3. Tuia

    They are Real Life friends who asked, not us =D
    Either way, thank you turtle for bringing another chapter.
    Thank you RL friends =D
    Hope you can finish this LN, i am too addicted now =D


  4. Julien

    When Weed is like that, showing off, it’s the greatest for me, I’ve got chills like I’m with him, it’s well written, thanks for the translation too, which keep this quality !



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