LMS Volume 30 Chapter 10

LMS volume 30 chapter 10 is released. You can read it here. 

26 thoughts on “LMS Volume 30 Chapter 10

  1. Istratie Cristian

    hey, tx so much for your hard work to read an wonderful masterpiece, for good translation and tx for put the chapter on time. i not see the change in schedule, so i ask: next chapter on what date ? tx so much


  2. HaiPhong

    Hi Turtle, thanks for the chapter and welcome back. How was your Europe trip, was it good? Which countries did you visit? – From Europe, Hungary – 🙂


  3. therealvanhelz

    pardon the question if it strikes a chord, but could you please update the dates of release shown below? thanks for the chapter. And will sunova continue translations? hope he does. He was good at it as well, and had the patience to bear with insensitive guys who complained on him.


    1. Oo

      I thought sunova was just posting them, not translating. Turtle had built up a stockpile before leaving, no?


  4. Yeah its me

    Tnx a lot for the chapter! Will there be further schedules for the upcoming chapters? or will it be released randomly?



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