LMS Volume 31 Chapter 1

Hey guys, I’m officially back now!!

Volume 31 Chapter 1 has been completed and you can read it here.ย 

Just a reminder. There is no set schedule now. I will aim to finish one chapter a day (alternating between LMS and Ark the Legend) but chapters will be published when they are completed.


42 thoughts on “LMS Volume 31 Chapter 1

  1. keko

    Thanks for all the work yo have done Turtle. Go easy and donยดt burn yourself out.
    Thanks too, Sunova


  2. crazvj

    Welcome back Mister Anderson , Now chose one blue pill or red pill take your time we didt gonna rush you


  3. ReidaX

    my st comment here.
    I’m really thankful to turtle for translating LMS,and make it available to us to read.
    every chapter leaves a sweet taste in me. Thank you very much Turtle.
    You Rock!

    thanks to Sumova too, for posting the chapters while Turtle was on vacancy, despite some rude comments it was a good work and i’m very thankful.

    I love you Turtle!


  4. bobby

    Welcome back turtle ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sunova ~ thanks for keeping it very interesting this month and a half with everything that has happened.

    Guess ill start to read LMS from the beginning now (i haven’t read it at all yet…)


      1. Randolphing

        Quote from wikipedia:
        “Maria Theresa was archduke and king; normally, however, she was styled as queen. No 18th-century commentary saw this crossing of gendered titles as inappropriate or impossible.”

        So yeah… women have been kings ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. wat

        Styled as a queen basically means this; She was a queen, with the authority of a king. That doesn’t really make her a king though. A woman becoming a king is as logical as naming a man a queen (and I’m not talking about gay people now).


  5. Hudschi

    Thank you so much. You made my day again. i really appriciate the Workshop you put in this project.


  6. Marius Mรผnch (@Justerbox)

    Dear Turtle.
    First of all i would like to thank you for the Realeases you have done.
    I was already a huge fan when you translated ARK, but the moment you became my Hero was when you Took up LMS.

    While i am patently waiting for the new Chapter i would like to ask you what the Abrrevation “TLC” stands for.

    Best Regards Justerbox



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