LMS Volume 31 Chapter 2

LMS volume 31 chapter 2 is released. You can read it here. 

18 thoughts on “LMS Volume 31 Chapter 2

  1. waaiiting

    Oh no! turtle-san has turned to the dark side.
    Now she will always play with our feelings by the post timing 😥

    Thanks for the chapter btw (dont overwork yourself though)


  2. Greed

    Turtle you are down right amazing. I have never seen anyone being able to translate so quickly. I’m in awe. Thank you for the flow of constant translations. Deeply grateful. Thanks


  3. Randall

    You guys are freaking amazing for all the updates in the books. I have a question for you: I realize that two stories is a lot of work, but, if it was a good story, would you be willing/able to add a third?

    Japtem.com had been translating a light novel called Unique Legend, but the TL wasn’t able to continue after some time. It made me sad /:


      1. Randall

        If you are asking if Unique Legend is any good, it, along with LMS, and ATL, are my three favorite stories. It is actually quite funny and well written.


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