LMS Volume 31 chapter 3

Happy Chinese New Year!

LMS volume 31 chapter 3 is released. You can read it here.

29 thoughts on “LMS Volume 31 chapter 3

  1. AzulaX

    Isn’t China dependent on North Korea’s fuel sources (Oil)?
    If not for that Japanese Manga, called “Kingdom,” I would have lost some respect for the country. Over population to the max. They do have interesting Chinese Novels that I enjoy, like “Shura’s Wrath.”

    Thanks for the new chapter. And happy Chinese New Year.
    Also, who won the NFL Super Bowl?


  2. Lolzor

    I have a question about some of the sculptures Weed created in volume 3. Is the ice sculpture queen a fine piece or a grand piece and is the ice dragon a masterpiece or grand piece. Because everywhere I look is different. I hope someone can clarify this 🙂


    1. therealvanhelz

      I remember it as ice queen being his second fine piece and dragon being first grand sculptor. He created his first masterpiece when he sculpted seoyoon crying and smiling at the same time as an ork.


  3. Brambler

    Ohmigosh thank you so much Turtle!
    I hope Weed gets it through his head that Seoyoon wants him and marries her irl. /: Forget Da-In t(▪-▪t)

    Have you thought about Unique Legend at all?


  4. zaltrhiz

    Thank you for Informing , also Happy Lunar New Year , It is marvelous that you translate , and Your Translations are Sincerely Inspiring , Thank you for Continuing translating Miss Black-and-Red-Turtle the first message on this site was on 12/7/2014 which was your introduction message and the first translation on this site was Ark volume 5 chapter 1 which was on 12/8/2014 and today is 2/8/2016 so it been 14 months since you started translating on this site , that is a astounding , truly thank you for translating.


  5. Darwin Lesmana

    I cannot thank you enough for the translation, you are a blessing for many people that follow these novels.

    Cheers and GBU R.Turtle



  6. Phil1403

    Romantic chapter for sure… 😉
    Now, interesting fact for me are Weed skill level.
    Sculpting (…) ” raised his proficiency to 61.5%. His Handicraft skill also reached 63.7% of advanced level 9. Cooking was 99% intermediate level 9, Blacksmithing advanced level 1 and Sewing reached intermediate level 7″ (v31c3).
    Otherwise, can someone tell me where the other skill are at ? With related quote ?
    Bandaging ?
    Mining ?
    Painting ?
    Sailing ?
    Tailoring ?


  7. Phil1403

    I wonder if Weed will truly be the first to finish is master skill and acquire the title of first master class player ?



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