LMS Volume 31 chapter 5 & 6

Hello everybody,

Double chapter release today!!

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

I decided to do this because the last ATL chapter was extremely long and these two LMS are very short. I also know felt like it would be better to leave it on chapter 6 rather than chapter 5.

On that note, I decided to give some insight on my translating since I am talking about chapter length. While translating, I use a program to split the chapter into sentences/segments. Thus I calculate chapter length by number of segments rather than number of words/characters.

Average number of segments per chapter:

ATL: 500~700

LMS: 300~500

ATL volume 12 chapter 8: 938

LMS volume 31 chapter 5: 298

LMS volume 31 chapter 6: 252

So why do I take a day to translate both stories despite the different length? The writing for LMS is more difficult for me to translate and the author uses a lot of korean sayings. Meanwhile the writing in ATL is simpler for me, maybe because I am used to it after translating so many volumes from this author. Thus both stories take me approximately one day to finish.

41 thoughts on “LMS Volume 31 chapter 5 & 6

  1. weed0395

    Thank you so so so much ❤ ❤ ❤
    I wanted 2chaps released at once(I really wanted to experience the feeling of reading more than one chapter releases at once)
    Your the best ^^)


  2. xtian😸

    Ohhhhh myyyy gooodneeesss gracious… Thank you so much for the treat!! You are absolutely awesome turtle!!


  3. KaiEmblemX

    you are so amazing TURTLE, such a god…
    No matter if you have trouble with uploading, we respect and wait your releases…


  4. HaiPhong

    I don’t know how much I ❤ you now. 🙂
    Seriously after a long and hard working week nothing could be better then 2 chapters of LMS ( okay there are some that came to mind mind, but you guys understand) 😂
    Thanks for presenting us this 2 new chapter, and whish you a relaxing weekend 🌞🌞🌞


  5. Galeage

    Oh my good, you are awesome.

    Now just need to to find time to read them back to back. Still in the middle of reading the latest book “The Morning Star” which is the third book to Red Rising and The Golden Son


  6. khitman18

    Thank you very much for the hard work. We won’t have new chapters without you =). Specially thankful for the double chapter today =D


  7. Fahrenheit451

    Cool! I follow all your translations of LMS since you’ve picked the series. Pls keep at it.


  8. Seed

    I am eagerly anticipating further developments!!! What will his new technique be?? Thinking about it is giving me the Jitters!!!


  9. helios shin

    thanks a lot ! for the release and the explanation about the translation process !

    but i have a hard time with the onomatopoeia you wrote. maybe it’s because i’m french, but I read many manga translated into american english. I do not manage to determine when a character laughs or shows himself cynical with your translation, for example.

    But otherwise I appreciate your syntax, I have a lot of pleasure to read you.
    Moreover if I understood well the author use a popular and not a classic writing style, it is maybe what makes the strength of the work and his characters.

    And as you can read it, my English is not either completed, thus thank you again for the supplied work !


  10. Tuia

    Thank you for this double chapter =D
    I am brazilian, have lots of trouble reading in english, and that wont keep me away from this amazing novel.
    Thank you.



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