LMS volume 31 chapter 8

Bonus chapter! You can read volume 31 chapter 8 here. 

FYI, condescending emails asking me to translate more chapters of LMS over ATL doesn’t really make me feel like changing my schedule. However, there are some genuinely nice emails that I really appreciate despite not having the time to reply back. I just want to show my appreciation for them and for donators as well.

I know that a large majority of my readership is for LMS so I have decided to make a slight change to my schedule.

  • Any chapters that I finish early, e.g. today I  finished the chapter at 4.30 pm, I will translate another chapter of that story instead. This is also for my benefit because I sometimes mix terms up when translating two different stories in one day and will take longer fixing them instead of starting anew on the next day. This will only apply to LMS because ATL is too close to the raws to do bonus chapters.
  • As I get closer to the currently published raw of ATL, I might change my schedule. For e.g. 2 chapters of LMS to 1 chapter of ATL depending on what I feel is best.
  • Occasionally I might translate a bonus chapter of LMS because it ends on a cliffhanger and I want to know what happens next. Or because I just feel like it. So be prepared for possible bonus chapters.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this extra chapter.

73 thoughts on “LMS volume 31 chapter 8

  1. ballerzie

    But.. But.. Today is suppose to be Ark day.. Huhu..

    Anyway thx for the translation turtle.. Just do what You think is best.. I’ll support whatever You do.. U’re the best!


  2. cubaonim

    why the fuck would you people be condescending to turtle?! You’re amazing works for free and have the guts to be condescending!?, where is the love?! what’s wrong with the world momma?? mommaaaaa oooooooohhhhhh♪♫ i didnt mean to make you cryyyyy♪ sorry for that. dont mind the turtle i’ve already sent a great disaster called blackhole sucking on these mofos. and again i’d like to say my infinite thanks to you can i be you’re friendin FB? hehe


  3. Jeff

    Thanks bro , I follow both LMS as ARK , I am Brazilian , I’m the type q wake up eager to read the chapter , but then q approve the new calendar , and comes with bonus Mts . Thank you !!!!


  4. random thoughts

    Dear Turtle…. This is my 2nd comment here. However I have been following this site and you(later Sunova) from Ark Vol 4 Chap 5. Yours is one looooong journey of 1 chap a day and 2 chaps during hols. I remember how the other leachers/wannabe translators wanted to learn your method to translate which is UNIQUE. Why I called them wannabe and why your method is unique is coz inspite of you not knowing korean you machine translated to such a degree of correctness which even to this date hasn’t been done by others. How you do it .. Even now I don’t understand (coz even I had tried annnnd well the results were a teeny bit better than google translate) Anyways you received hate mails from the same losers who tried to (but failed) follow your footsteps. When you finished with Ark ..there were soooo many silent leachers like me who thanked you…. Today when you are translating both ATL and LMS… Its sad ppl(mnority vocal haters) are complaining especially when you took a well deserved brk(pooor Sunova)and now they want more LMS. SO FROM A CONTENDED LEACHER …. HERE’S A BIG THANK YOU! Remember your wellwishers outnumber haters 10000 to1.whenever you are down just holler and then watch as us the porridge army comes to your rescue!!


  5. nelummea

    I know this might seem useless, but… Turtle, can you put an updatable “bar” or something that shows the donations? It doesn’t need to mention the donator’s names, just the current amount. That way some of us would know when you run out of coffee-money, and donate. We love you, Turtle… that’s why you need to stay healthy and eat plenty of cofffeee.


  6. Metheldiss

    Hi !
    First, thanks a lot for your work !
    Then, I found quite some time ago this map : http://i.imgur.com/BeFhccG.jpg of the Versailles Continent. Since there has been a lot of political stuff, does a new map exist ? Like, with the territories controlled by the Embinyu Church, the Haven Empire, the Arpen Kingdom… ?


  7. molnet

    I am not quit certain if I have written any posts here so far, but know that I greatly appreciate all your hard work. =)

    Thank you :3


  8. EugeniusGP

    Thank you so much ms. Turtle and Sunova-nim for all of you effort on translating both series. Like others before me have said your translation is quite outstanding and easy to follow.
    Plenty of thanks from us, and we always wish you guys the best. 🙂


  9. headlimit

    i know u re not late yet, and u said there is no any fixed schedule,but according to the plan today is suppose to be lms day since yesterday is atl plus bonus lms chapter.
    and the status update is 17/2 which is today yet no lms yet posted.what im trying to say(by no means im telling u what to do,so dont crucify me,lol) maybe u should hav save that last lms bonus chapter for today release as planned.and only give bonus chapter when u have reserves chapters maybe two or three chapters ahead?that way u give urself room to breathe and some lee way in the schedule.i mean if u translate extra chapter,why not treat ur self to a day rest,coz well..u earned it?and if there a long chapter that take more than a day to translate,it wont break the usual posting schedule.


  10. Kaizen

    Thank you very much turtle.
    I’m an LMS fan and I’m sure that most of us readers here don’t mind what and whenever you translate. We’re being too much spoiled having many chapters per week, just keep translating at your own pace 🙂



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