LMS volume 31 chapter 9

LMS volume 31 chapter 9 has been released. You can read it here.

19 thoughts on “LMS volume 31 chapter 9

  1. neeknaim

    Second ??? Thank you so much for the translations πŸ™‚ I used to pester my korean friend to tell me the story because I couldn’t find english translations πŸ™‚ or couldn’t wait for them πŸ™‚


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  3. Tuia

    Turtle, thank you very much.
    I am brazilian and even having hard time to read in english i love your translation.
    Really appreciate your hard time hope i can cotribue more soon.
    Hope you are engoying as the same as we are.
    Have a great day =D


  4. elizerpaul

    Turtle, my affection to you is continually increasing. You’re the weed of us, LMS leechers. May you be healthy always and persist like Weed.


  5. Gantz

    Happy dance! I got my fix of Weed today. Thanks so much for the chapter. Only downside today was falling victim to a migraine during work and having to finish my shift. Thanks for brightening my day. Hope for good health.



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