LMS volume 32 chapter 2

LMS volume 32 chapter 2 has been released. You can read it here. 

19 thoughts on “LMS volume 32 chapter 2

    1. Oo

      Shhh… Weed didn’t want to pay her hospital bills anymore and made her disappear..

      Idk, author seems a little airheaded lately..


  1. Oo

    Miss Turtle trolling us… giving LMS on Ark day. Welp, no complaints… tomorrow’s supposed to be the real Weed day, so three in a row!? 😀 😀 !!!

    Grass Porridge!!! Grass Porridge!!! Grass Porridge!!!
    Turtle Porridge!!! Turtle… wait.. no. Oh god, what have I done!? 😨


  2. Gantz

    Bonus chapter!!!
    Thanks for the doubles we appreciate them, you spoil us so on a Monday. Helped get me motivated for the work week.



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