LMS volume 32 chapter 3

LMS volume 32 chapter 3 is released. You can read it here. 

16 thoughts on “LMS volume 32 chapter 3

  1. Daemonzam

    You are the best!!! You make my day!! Ver el mail diciendo que hay un capítulo más para leer me alegra el día gracias miss turtle ❤


  2. Gantz

    I took a nap after work and find a new chapter to read. Muchas Gracias Turtle. 😄
    Dont forget to take it easy every now and then. Naps are Great, I recommend them!


  3. Rob

    thanks for the hard work!
    i just donated some money that i hope is enough for some coffees or a meal! keep the hard work! (i know it wont speed up the process but want to make sure you know the work is appreciated!)



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