LMS volume 32 chapter 4

LMS volume 32 chapter 4 is released. You can read it here. 

18 thoughts on “LMS volume 32 chapter 4

  1. LMS Fan2

    It’s really fun where you can tell a translator is just as excited to see what’s next as you are!

    Stay well Rainbow Turtle and thanks so much! Yours is the only site I’ve disabled adblocking on, and I do it happily even when shockwave lags and crashes sometimes. You deserve every last penny that makes it your way.


  2. Syr_Reiht

    This is such an exciting arc in the storyline!!
    Thanks for faithfully providing a chapter Rainbow.


    1. Galeage

      Same here. Usually I am at work when I get the notification for a new chapter. And I just want to read it right away.

      Thanks for the chapter again.


      1. Gantz

        I checked while on my lunch break. I failed to resist and read it during the limited time I have. Going to enjoy again in a bit now that Im off the clock and not pressed for time.

        Jack & Coke – check
        La-z-boy – check
        LMS chapter -check

        Thanks for another therapeutic session after work.


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