LMS volume 32 chapter 5

LMS volume 32 chapter 5 is released. You can read it here.

14 thoughts on “LMS volume 32 chapter 5

  1. weed0395

    Thank you for the early release ^_^
    I think this will be a double release since it was released early (fingers crossed) 😀 😀
    Thank you for the beautiful translation


  2. pangjunmin

    A slightly slower chapter but still very enjoyable. I’m seriously wondering what you’re going to do to mitigate losses of the paladins because 1cm reduce number it will reach catastrophic point at which she won’t be able to protect the priest and it’s game over from there. The mirror is a nice touch so it’s nice to know that its not instantly fall. The complexity of the story is wonderful and is unique to legendary moonlight sculptor. Thanks for the translation I couldn’t find any errors grammatical or spelling wise awesome job. 🙂



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