LMS volume 32 chapter 6

LMS volume 32 chapter 6 is released. You can read it here.

37 thoughts on “LMS volume 32 chapter 6

  1. PinkHair

    I’m going to delete this whole topic of conversation. Please don’t continue and just accept that people have different opinions. Rainbow Turtle.


    1. wat

      Ladies are smarter than guys in limited areas. The scientific article that was presented was from a rather small amount of participants and the result highlighted for example that the communicative part of the female brain was more developed than a man, most of these cases can be linked to evolutionary aspects of child rearing. This doesn’t mean that women are smarter, no matter how inaccurately the news article who popularized the test.

      It means that all the attributes that goes towards raising a kid, being well spoken and caring will be generally higher in women. However, the effeciency of these traits also depends on the epigenetic traits of the mother and father. It does not mean Women smarter than man.

      Now, a man, statistically will be less emotional, more tactical and clever in other contexes, due to evolving to hunt and provide for the family. If we were talking about size, the size of a male brain is substanitally larger than a womans. Does size equal to intelligence? That is debatable.

      But assuming that because the gender is female, the woman is simply just false and wishful thinking at best. I’m grateful for the work she provides, but if you want to popularize a false statement because you like the conclusion, you yourself disprove that theory.


    2. wat

      When I say limited areas, I refer to the brain. But again, if the epigenetic factors change in one person, these areas can be lower or higher. The same epigenetic factors affect men the same. Meaning that a man can be smarter than a woman and a woman can be smarter than a man.

      It’s not a gender specific query.


    3. Azula Asahina

      LOL, Wow! The nerve of this guy! Can’t we all have our own opinions?
      I have never seen someone so pissed off over a joking statement ever.
      You haven’t disproved my opinion. You just stated circumstantial flaws in your theory.
      I understand that you want to defend your gender, but hey, that is why we call this Earth, “MOTHER NATURE.”

      – I am female, and I approve this message! LOL


    4. wat

      Mother Nature, that’s simple. Earth is an incubator for life. So is a woman. That is why the great majority of fertility symbols depict phallic imagery. I’m not kidding, the maypole for example that people dance around during the summer, is in actually a penis symbol symbolizing the fertilizing of the earth.

      I haven’t disproved your opinion. I have disproved your statement. A statement, which by any sane indiivual would be false. I know I’m arguing with a troll right now, because no one else would say something so obviously inaccurate in order to get a reaction. Also, where in the message did I say I was angry?

      I’ll let youtube get you a basic understand of epigenetics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp1bZEUgqVI

      DNA is the blueprint for the body. Epigenetics is how the DNA is expressed. As you grow in life, your epigenetic genom will be shaped by the circumstantses and experiences throughout life. If the person in question has boobs or a wang doesn’t change the mental development in any substantial way, even if you want it to. The beautiful thing about facts is that they are true even if you don’t want them to be. Your opinion on the matter is of no consequence.

      You’ve been a beautiful troll and I’ve fed you enough now. I’m not sugar coating anything here today because you’ll probably eat that too. Now then, I suppose I should go and get me some sleep and not clutter rainbow turtle’s comment section any more than necessary.

      – I’m just a man with time. I don’t need to approve my messages.


    5. Azula Asahina

      To e honest, i don’t have the patience to read huge blocks of texts that bears no impact to my morality. MOTHER NATURE. QUEENS! AMAZONS! STATUE OF LIBERTY.


      I will get the last word.


    6. Niernin

      Dude give up!! You know what they say about females, right? You cannot argue with them. They will listen to the best of advises and lectures, understand probably everything said about them. Finally, go and do whatever they want!! Most of the times contrary to the advice given. It’s good that you have broken your head trying to explain everything to them and I approve. Everything that shapes our intelligence has to do with genetics and how we go about in life, which is why it is not easy to tell the smarter among the sexes. But it is useless. We cannot understand how these females think, neither can they understand how we think.


    7. Niernin

      I do respect women, they are probably in some ways more important than us men. But there are some realities that we have to face when dealing with them.


    8. Niernin

      What you mostly need when handling women is infinte patience and an ever smiling face no matter what is thrown at you.


    9. wat


      Mother nature was explained above.

      Queens during medieval times were daughters that were sold to other kingdoms to establish blood ties and thus ease negotations and to expand territory. Queens of modern times has about as much authority as an advertisement agency.

      Amazons, derived from an Iranian ethnonym *ha-mazan- “warriors”, cut off one of their boobs to aim with their bows more accurately. The were basically glorified bandits, dealing with ritualistic killings of children that they first raped to get viable offspring to keep their little anti man from withering into oblivion. This horrible immagery that I explained now depicts largely fictional stories. They were never truly united. The stories of them was from mass graves of of armed Sarmatian women who had trained to defend themselves when their husbands was at war.

      The statue of liberty was made by a frenchman who had to argue with american politicians for decades in order for them to even allow the statue and even then they didn’t want to pay for the pedestal to raise it. A large crowd funding finally gathered the necessary funds and the statue was shipped. Not really sure how this would affect women because no women pariticpated in any part of the process.

      Niernin, I always do love a white knight, but this isn’t the time. Your interaction actually cluttered far worse than we ever did.

      – I am a snazzy snazzy man and Azula Asahina, I find your stubborness adorable. I brought you some blocks of texts, as you love them so.

      PS. I never said that women are lazy. I also have a mother, I know that you women never rest. Saying that you are not smarter than men does not make you dumber than them. As for their ability to be the best; That is an impossible statement. Demanding something absoluite requires equal level of evidence. While Rainbow Turtle is awesome, that doesn’t mean that the possiblity of an equally efficient male translator is not out there.


    10. wat

      The amazon stories were written by the greek. We got similar fictional lesbian warrior fantasies today of hot ladies with loose clothing going around kicking ass. They are basically our modern version of them and both are equally fictional. ;D


  2. Gantz

    Thank you Turtle!
    This week has been wonderful. I wanted to show my appreciation by inviting you to see the new Gods of Egypt movie that came out. Or you can just spend the 28AUD on coffee, w/e floats your boat. Figured with the past Ark chapters you wouldnt mind a little break and see some Seth/Horus action without Ark in the mix. πŸ˜„


  3. David

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Just injured myself, having this to read cheers me up. Thank you sooooooooo much.


  4. rizal

    how wonderful if weed use sculptural resurrection to kolderim when he against hermes guild,sorry if my word not correct i still learning english
    btw i’m from indonesia,thanks turtle


  5. Roderick's Labyrinth

    Im new here so I
    really like the speed but when will be the next release?? @.@ tooo excitedddddd!!!!!



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