ATL volume 13 space 8

ATL volume 13 space 8 has been released. You can read it here. 

10 thoughts on “ATL volume 13 space 8

    1. Secret143

      Ark for me is also good especially the season 1 coz i like the humor better in season 1 than s2. But it can’t compare to the humor of LMS… Weed is just more badass. But reading ark is also not a waste of time.😃😃


  1. ChaoStaxx

    Thanks for your hard work, I really could not be doing what you are.

    PS. On the monthly posted chapters area you put the release for this as being 03/03 instead of 06/03.


  2. Yeah its me

    Hi Turtle. Thanks for all the GREAT translations. BTW how many ATL chapters have been published by the author as of today? And when will we cAtch up?


  3. Yeah its me

    Hi Turtle.
    How many chapters of ATL is published as of today? And around when will we catch up?



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