LMS volume 33 chapter 2

LMS volume 33 chapter 2 is released. You can read it here. 

27 thoughts on “LMS volume 33 chapter 2

  1. Kog whovian

    Thanks for the chapter really enjoyed it i donated a dollar for it (.77 usd) and will probably donate more in the future thanks and keep up the good work


  2. Gantz

    Checked the site during lunch. I was tempted to take half-day but figured I could hold out a few more hours to read the new chapter. Thank you Turtle, don’t neglect your studies. err I mean procrastinate as much as you wish. 😉


  3. HaiPhong

    Many Thanks, good chapter looking forward what happens when Weed joins the fight and does not leave any of the Heaven troops get out alive, YES !!! 😊 don’t ever mess with the rice bowl of a hard working man 😱😈


  4. HaiPhong

    Không biết em là người Việt. 😊
    Mãi giờ định donate nên mới phát hiện ! Hết tiền rồi nên tháng sau mới chiêu đãi em ăn kem nhé! Chuyện hay lắm cảm ơn bé dịch cho cả làng nhiều ! Người Việt là nhất ! 😉😇



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