ATL volume 13 space 9

Ark the Legend volume 13 space 9 has been released. You can read it here.

15 thoughts on “ATL volume 13 space 9

  1. Jem

    Hey guys. Just wanted to ask, but didn’t know where to ask it…I’m thinking of starting Ark The Legend…should I start with the first Ark first? And how good is it compared to LMS?


    1. Yohan

      Ark and LMS are both brilliant and on the same level. I know many people say they are the same story but I’ve tremendously enjoyed Ark and his relationships IRL and in game. So start with Ark, if you haven’t already. Ark the Legend is a different creature altogether. The sci-fi background is a bit jarring to get used to and the premise is a little ridiculous. But all in all a worthy read, but not on the level of the first Ark or LMS.


      1. Jem

        Oh…thanks a lot. That is exactly what I wanted to know. Then I’ll start with the first Ark. Thanks.


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