LMS volume 33 chapter 6

LMS volume 33 chapter 6 is released. You can read it here. 

16 thoughts on “LMS volume 33 chapter 6

  1. Misty White

    YAY another chapter ^_^ lololol Weed and Seo-yoon realllllly getting that romantic adventure. lolololol. This chapter was longer than the last but somehow told the least. It was good to know what the bard and the thief was doing though. xD

    Well there you go, what’s a people that does not acknolege their king? A king is jugded by his people, not his land, after all, one can be king of a garbage dump.


  2. Kris Sumantoro Ysco

    maybe this is my 20 visit just to check is it already another new translate. and i really happy when i can read the new chapter. weed is royal road hero and turtle is my happiness hero.

    tq for your hard work.


  3. Gantz

    Thanks for the chapter, hope your studies are going well as you find time to provide your readers some “Delicious” content. Thanks for the meal Turtle.


  4. HaiPhong

    A leecher’s special skill astronomy! According to this you are the brightest, Turtle 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter 👍



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