LMS volume 33 chapter 8

LMS volume 33 chapter 8 has been released. You can read it here.Β 

15 thoughts on “LMS volume 33 chapter 8

  1. Sepphire143

    You are the GREATEST! YOU’RE SO GREAT! No more words can explain how much i feel for you but only YOU’RE SO GREAT! Turtle Porridge!


  2. Rimme

    U r my sunshine my only sunshine u make me happy when lms is translated Ull never know dear how much I love u so plz don’t ever give up lms


  3. Yeah its me

    Yaaay! Thanks Turtle! How did you know it is my birthday?! xD The very first gift of the day! Thanks again!


  4. Misty White

    woot woot thanks for the chapter. Weed may not consciously realise it, but he’s really growing to care for Seo-yoon. If he was thinking right, he should have asked what her condition was


  5. Gantz

    Thank you Turtle!!!
    I had a terrible stress ridden day. I really needed something to relieve the tension I built up this week. Hope all is well on your end.



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