LMS volume 33 chapter 10

The shortness of this chapter is the reason why I decided to translate ATL first. Anyway, you can read volume 33 chapter 10 here. 

26 thoughts on “LMS volume 33 chapter 10

  1. antonie307

    2nd, thanks for being so quick with translations. Did not think you would be so fast with it after university started again! Breakfast+translated chapter=> awesome sunday start 😉


  2. randomcity2

    awww. . . i was going to comment on actual chapter page not the notification page. . . welp .. . thanks for the chapter


  3. Gantz

    Its 1am here, plan to read this before going to bed. I will donate in the morning to celebrate another blazing fast volume translation.

    “This chapter is the reason why I decided to translate ATL.”
    I dont know what this is about but Im pretty sure it had to do with comments. Remember your supporters will always wait for your releases and are grateful for all your hard work. No need to explain your actions.
    Thanks for the chapter hope you had a good weekend in AU.


    1. blackandredturtle Post author

      Nah nothing to do with that. It just that the chapter was really short. So it was either do this chapter before going to ATL and leaving the cliffhanger going for awhile. Or do ATL first and then 2 chapters of LMS

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  5. AsianOtakuGuy

    Lol this chapter had almost no content 😄
    ATL>LMS good call imo lmao
    TY for chapter doe 😀


  6. Jem

    Didn’t get what you meant about translating ATL first…you mean because this chapter is a cliffhanger?


    1. RedSoloCup

      It was either leave the current events in lms a cliffhanger while she does ATL, or do ATL first so she can do 2 chapters of lms in a row due to the cliffhanger



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