ATL volume 14 space 4

Happy Easter everyone!!

Unfortunately I am Catholic which means I will be extremely busy over the next few days. But for now, you can read ATL volume 14 space 4 here. 

23 thoughts on “ATL volume 14 space 4

  1. Catho

    Hehehe, i like that unfortunately twist… 😄 Happy easter from another catholic to another… 😄 Thanks for the translations… 😄


  2. Phil1403

    I’m truly enjoying reading ark season 1.
    Thanks a lot, for all the good work.
    A catholic rainbow turtle…. That’s great ! 😉
    God bless you.


    1. Scarda

      So I had a question for u about LMS back in a early volume I believe 9 or 10 when weed is clearing dead valley in the north, when he takes down the bone dragon. Well as a reward he received a map to the little girls friend I’ve been trying to find out did he ever use that I’m rereading now and haven’t seen him go find that person. Do u know if he’s used it yet?


      1. Phil1403

        Hi Scarda,
        Good question.
        I remember
        1 – Weed getting the quest from the NPC girl (planting seed in the valley).
        The girl is the one that he freed from Tori.
        2 I also remember Weed planing them.
        3 And that he was rewarded for his actions. But what the actual reward was ? I don’t even remember, sorry.
        Can you give the quote ?
        4 Nor do i remember a story around a map, beside the ones Weed got at sea and that he stitched within clothes he was making.
        5 Also i checked Weed quest page. It is still not complete
        So, no, sorry, i can’t help you on this one.
        May be you should ask your question in the forum section ?


  3. Stupidity - It Might Be Contagious

    …I didn’t even know Easter had any relation to Catholicism until today.


    1. serecola

      To be honest, it’s the same with me a few weeks ago. I thought Easter was about Eggs and Bunnies lol


    2. lazyguy

      Honestly I am catholic myself but it took me a google search to find out what this was about… turns out I did know about it, but it goes by another name in Spanish, “Semana Santa” or Holy Week.


  4. Gantz

    Hope you have a wonderful time with family/friends this weekend. Take the time off and enjoy the holiday. Thank you!
    Feliz Pascua!


  5. Zwer

    Happy Easter from another Catholic & enjoy these few days of rest with your family 🙂
    And as always, thank you for these releases.



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